Menace called kids!

Oh no! I am not the one to pick up random kids and play with them. Pets and kids are nice as long as they are far away from me and belong to someone else. Some rare creations are those which remind me of my childhood. When there still was importance to parent’s stern look enough to make you pee in your pants! 

Parenting is tough no doubt about that. But, isn’t it important that you understand your kid’s nature and plan things according to that? This will make both yours as well as the fellow passenger’s journey wonderful.
Getting back to my generation, I hardly remember not having my ‘Jumbo colouring book’ with me during travel times. Or else there would be some story book to flip through. As an epitome of studiousness at times I would even take next year’s textbook to read. If at all, all of these fell short Amma would talk to me on I don’t know what topic. But I am sure I never was a menace for the fellow passengers. 

While traveling today here was a kid who was constantly moving about near his seat kicking the front seat on which unfortunately I happened to sit. This noisy nuisance had a battalion called family which did nothing but take pride in what he was doing. Like he had just conquered a fort and was now ready for the next mission! Wow!

I absolutely don’t intend to instigate any young mom out there, don’t declare war on me!! But just want to say that your kid can be cute, well mannered and smart all by your wit 🙂


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