My new friend – Eugene

All those who are involved in some kind of creative work have at some point experienced a plateau where everything comes to a standstill. Worry not. It isn’t your fault my friend. It’s just that your ‘Eugene’ is busy somewhere else!

According to the Greeks there is a daemon (yeah, that’s the spelling!) called the ‘Eugene’ or the Genius which gives artists a push to come up with something extraordinary. It is indeed that gush of emotions and a vibe indescribable which is according to me a artist’s labor pain to expel what is his/her best work. But wait. Why just best work? This is what the Greeks knew better than us. They believed in it as a hallucination that guided their way into a trance where creativity was waiting with its arms open for the artist.

During the renaissance period we dissected that two words ‘daemon’ and ‘genius’ giving the former a negative connotation apart from changing its spelling to demon while retaining the positive aura of the latter. Think now of it as the eternal truth that was kept away from us that… THAT WE ALL HAVE OUR GENIUS WITH US. As you realize it you will know that if someday you couldn’t give your best, it’s okay! It just means that your Eugene was not in a great mood. And alternatively if on someday you did really well, take no pride, your spirit was in great spirits! That makes things a lot more easier to take.

Sometimes it is prudent to just do it. And not wait endlessly to do the perfect way. Which goes on to say that in this moment ‘the present’ you must believe that what is to come out of you is a masterpiece and not benchmark it against some best selling/ most applauded work of the past.

Do your best and let your Eugene do the rest 🙂


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