What did I read? | Something about books

Hey there!

In the past two months I have read a bunch of books and have been involved so much in this affair that I have procrastinated writing for a long time

On that note, I wish to share top three favorites from my latest reads here so that atleast one of it could encourage you to pick up a book!

  1. From and Sand and Ash By Amy Harmon | Set in the times of rise of nazi and the hunting down of Jews all over Europe, this is a fictional story which uses many non fictional events to map the plot. A fiercely passionate book of love, God, humanity and hope.
  2. The boy in striped pyjamas By John Boyne | Tell me if the climax of the story does not move you to tears. a numbness in heart at the least. Set again in the same era as the previous book, this story will take you through a ride of emotions that will touch friendship, innocence, sacrifice and fate.
  3. Big Magic By Elizabeth Gilbert | Have you ever thought about taking ona serious journey that is based on your creative skills but hesitated about how it might be perceived by people or what is HAS to be versus all that it can be. Elizabeth Gilbert, the celebrated author of Eat, Pray Love has lots of motivation and reality check to offer to you. I can assure you that you will feel charged and confident to take on the much contemplated ride.

There a few more that I would like add here. But 280 words is a restriction I imposed on my blogs. So, will try to come up with part two soon.

Happy reading ❤


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