It’s okay to talk about what hurts you.

So many times we have been let down, so many times we have been denied what we deserve and time and again we have taken that extra step to care for someone only to realise it was a mistake. Don’t worry my pal. We all are together in this journey of love-repent-repeat. You must realise after all that you are a wonderfull person and the best of us are hurt most. Simply put, it’s because only you have the courage to provide so much love. It’s only you who is capable of being let down and still emerge strong with a smile.

Perhaps, it’s important to tell yourself ‘it’s fine to feel bad, to shed a few tears, and not drown in shame of being hurt’. Don’t be scared of speaking up about what hurt you.


Because your soul is a wonderful garden, and you don’t have to hold up other people’s trash. Take it easy! Your story might be all the motivation someone needs. Talk about what made your heart ache. Release yourself and others from the clutches of pain.


Inspire someone with your tale of valour; yes, it’s your story of inspiration, love and hurt. You owe yourself the happiness than you do to anybody else does. Tell me what hurt you and how you wish to heal it.

And remember…



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